Just One Idea



Just one simple idea

Could change the world

Just one idea

Can change the world

One simple idea

That is put into action

And executed to a tee

In order to become

A reality with a mission

And with every intention

To go from being a dream

And coming into fruition

After starting out as a seed

Then it began to grow

And putting forth the effort indeed

As something one has come to know

For this one idea

Can change everything

Bold and with a cause

Yet done without fear

And come what may

Along with what this could bring

Materialized and made history

Within a specific amount of days

Going from non existent

To ever present here

Just imagine the possibilities

That could come from just one idea


















A slight blemish
A sudden fault
Or even worse in effect
A very undesirable feature

As we are all creatures
Of many habits
That always exist
Among us all

Moving about freely
Or at the very edge
Before a fall
Nowhere near perfect

As no human being is
Not anyone from the past
Or that currently lives
Because so much in this way

In the areas of life and our existence
We remain incomplete
In countless and vast ways
No matter the night or day

But acceptance of it
Is the key
But just how many
Of us really do as such

Because if we all did
The world would be
Quite a very different place
And no matter the color

Of the skin on a person’s face
Their height or weight
Appearance or body size
Fit or don’t exercise

Sick or healthy
Doing terribly or very well
Rich or poor
Buy or sell

But as far as humanity
Can actually say or tell
No such thing exist
Outside of real

And unconditional love
For love is powerful
And can transcend 
So many things

If we could ever get there
But I refuse to hold my breath
Waiting in anticipation
For this to happen or occur

Any day or night
In all areas and directions
As time goes by in the 
Non acceptance of all imperfections














The Fallen Tree With Half A Life

The followup to my confessional and heartfelt poem “The Tree Without Leaves” and to the much needed direction and revitalization of my life….Feeling frozen and without closure, and now time to take my life back and hold my composure….




Through all the stress and strife
That has been a major part of my life
And have been through it all
Both the rise and downfall

Happiness has been non existent
And misery has ruled
Existing and not living
Within a world so cruel

Feeling always like
The fallen tree with half a life
Darkness growing and losing light
And looking into a future

That never seemed bright
Always wrong and never quite right
And being pushed to the brink
Feeling myself sink

Even lower by the day
And feeling some kind of way
With not much I could say
Hidden thoughts that I feel

That could never truly be conveyed
And a reflective face
That I no longer recognized
And feeling very lost

Each time I glanced into these eyes
But I digress
From feeling failed and low
And not much success

For the time has come
To tackle this head on
For this has been an area
That I’ve lived in for far too long

And at a fork in the road
Where I can go nowhere 
But up and finally rise
All while looking up to the sky

And turning a lifelong frown
Into a new smile
And one with hope
That will last more than a while

As changing my perspective and perception
Is vital to life now
And forging a more positive mindset
Then use it as a new weapon

Grasping the life lessons
And in essence
Become a brand new me
And to thrive not just survive

While revitalizing the root and the tree
Adjust to the new identity
And be ever present now
All while looking forward to

A brighter future ahead
For in this body is breath still
And that’s all that needs to be said
For now is the time

To truly come alive
As I step out of the shadows
And into more light
Abandoning the past

And using more energy
Along with the efforts
To undo the wrongs
And move ahead with the right

To go from a tree without leaves
To one with more of a life
To rise and with fire in my eyes
And no longer be 

The withered and fallen
Empty tree with no fight
So that I reclaim what is mine
And start to live a whole life
















The Audition Of Life



Would life be an audition
Could life be given
Our personal and heartfelt permission
To showcase what we’re about

And to those little hidden things
That reside in private thoughts
Be eventually exposed and found out
All while coming back full circle

To what’s more important
And to truly focus on this 
Are many of us really living
Or just someone who exists

Within the many facets of this world
Are some just the sea shell
That resides at the bottom
Of the vast oceans

While others like us
Are the oyster that
Landed onto the shore
With a rare pearl inside

Do some of us truly live
Before we die
Are some of us on display
While others tend to hide

Is there real happiness
That lives within these eyes
Or more pain and tears
That fall and take a ride

Down countless faces
Can some of us
Fill in the gaps and pieces
Of the puzzle within blank spaces

And be able to perform
When life calls for it
And ride out the storm
When faced before it

Shunning and leaving darkness
And walking into light
And truly knowing the difference
Between what’s wrong or right

To perform or sit still
And can’t differentiate
The false from the real
And really wandering 

At the tail end of it all
Has my fate and path been sealed
Or has it even been revealed
Or not as of yet

And what mark or legacy
Would one leave behind
When their life and breath
Is no longer left

And brave the world
With all of one’s might
And performed admirably
During the audition of life

















The Things I Dream



As I close my eyes
And now dark 
To what is seen
For what I think about

Is all the things
That I dream
And in much color
With more thoughts in between

Such peaceful sleeping
And then diving right in
With memories of these
Worth keeping and to what

All lies within
Dreaming of reality
Instead of fantasy and pretend
For it is going well

And not waiting for the end
For what is being dreamed about
Is something that I hope
Comes to fruition

And to become 
The ever going trend
As it just sends me
Into my own world

And vivid reality
Along with powerful means
For this and so much more
Are the things that I dream











Kinetic Renderings



Floalogy is more than
Just a poetic thing
For within this artwork
I like to always present

And certainly represent
Artistic and flowing poetic works
Displayed and conveyed as
Kinetic renderings

And is there such a thing
Well if not then it exists now
Along with the flow it brings
Yet with such an essence 

And magnetic energy somehow
For I never question this
But rather go with the flow
And delivering this kineticism

For the whole world to know
Many times in a row
And not going anywhere
As it was built

And designed to last and surpass
Well beyond me
So just stay with it
And you will see

For when it comes to Floalogy
I believe in splurging
Emerging, converging, and submerging
With even more kinetic renderings

That will take your mind and eyes
For a poetical and visceral ride
For Floalogy is us
And Floalogy is I

And to all that this will bring
Dance and sing
With a floetic energy always conveyed
Through kinetic renderings