Quiet Storm In Motion

Poem 24



Is what I call my style

After it greatly evolved

After a while

The reinvention

Not in contravention

Written and made

With every good intention

The light that ignites

The shade

As my poetry will convey

Put up on a strong display

And as I may

Served up on a silver tray

Say what I say

Sending out

Poetic shockwaves in everyway

For I live and breathe

The poetic

Being magnetic

A written aesthetic

Knowing where its headed

Chess not checkers

Literary tactics

Spoken but erratic

And causing static disruption

Words and lines

Filled with energy and traffic

All the time

That just leaps off of the page

With a poetic eruption

And always going after

Higher levels

Will always be a factor

A poetic nuclear reactor

Flowing and growing

Knowing and towing

Itself in all directions

And along the way

Making necessary course corrections


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This particular journey has come to an end but I will continue onto a new and exciting poetic journey and destination elsewhere. Writings By MCM was my previous and long time passion and path that was no longer me and I have to be the poet that I was meant to be. And in doing so, shine a spotlight upon the world while simultaneously leaving my mark and poetic legacy behind and in place. I also hope that I have inspired other poets as well as new and aspiring poets throughout my poetical works here. I will continue to display the fire and passion I have for the art of poetry. For I live to create poetry, and leave behind my legacy for the world called Floalogy.

My motto for my poetic legacy is: Sheer Art That Lives And Flows
To My Poetic Legacy,