Quiet Storm In Motion

Poem 25


Flowing and moving

Soothing and grooving

And being a floacist

A lyricist

And something

I just can’t resist

As I


And my poetry consists of

Magnetic lines

And lyrical rhymes

With much to show and speak of

Poetic totality

Always my reality

Through much morality


And a validity

That just speaks to me

A poetic fire

For all to feel and see

For I found and discovered

The unique and profound

All the way around

The poetic recipe

The literary ingredients

And written seasoning

That I pen with precision

Living my vision

Which will be evident

Living in the poetic neighborhood

As I long term resident

Constantly making poetic decisions

As my poetry comes and goes

Was here and then went

Much goes on simultaneously

Between thinking and writing

And being so inviting

Always bright and shining

As me and poetry

Are always combining


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This particular journey has come to an end but I will continue onto a new and exciting poetic journey and destination elsewhere. Writings By MCM was my previous and long time passion and path that was no longer me and I have to be the poet that I was meant to be. And in doing so, shine a spotlight upon the world while simultaneously leaving my mark and poetic legacy behind and in place. I also hope that I have inspired other poets as well as new and aspiring poets throughout my poetical works here. I will continue to display the fire and passion I have for the art of poetry. For I live to create poetry, and leave behind my legacy for the world called Floalogy.

My motto for my poetic legacy is: Sheer Art That Lives And Flows
To My Poetic Legacy,