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Floalogy Will Live On



Floalogy will live on
And carry on
As it and all the other iterations
Prior to this 

That preceded this version and style
And have been around
For quite a while
As a tortured and starving artist

Yet always poetically driven
And will forever be a part
Of the poetic menu
No matter the venue

For Floalogy will continue
Day or night
Evening or dawn
As this is my ode and swan song

To my poetic legacy
But continued through
A quiet storm in motion
My other poetic endeavor

That will go on for a little while
And with a different poetic version
That has already been compiled
As the poetic show

Must carry on
To the tune of a different song
But even after I leave this world
My poetic mark and legacy

Will be left behind
From much passion and fire
That will never be gone
As my artistic life and

The pulse of my artwork
Beats forever
As the flow and essence
Of Floalogy will always live on




























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Flowing Interest



I just wanted

To take this time

To thank each and every one of you

For all of the support and interest

Over this period of time

But not long overdue

For all of my poetic works

That I chose

To share with all of you

Each moment spent writing

And all of you reading

My floetic artwork

With each one being


As I surfed

And sift through 

My unique poetic mind

As each of you found

And continued to find

That showed and outlined

My style for a quite a while

With many eyes 

That took the time

To give my art a look

For through this poetic outlet

It gave the freedom

To be and express

As an open book

So thank you

Thank you

Once again

And truly appreciate

The time taken

To check out all of my poetry

From a very long list

As Floalogy and I

Have been embraced

By all of your support

And flowing interest








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Floalogy Essential

The SendOff Poem 1of 2



For I have
The poetic credentials
To come up with something
Vast and original

As my unique style
Is very crucial
To all poetry accomplished
And going beyond the usual

For I am
A poetic anomaly
And pour this naturally
Into all things Floalogy

And to what also came before
Hungry for more
With no debate
Bypassing level eight

Breaching through doors and walls
As this was no mistake
Wasn’t a piece of cake
But trying to stop this floetic process

Well you arrived too late
But just in time
To sip and partake of
This fine floetic wine

Pouring and ever-flowing
Into everything that I write and bring
And the poetic offspring
From legends prior

As I stepped into the shoes
And influenced by the blues
From the example and caliber of poet
Of the likes of Langston Hughes

So say what you’re going to say
But I will keep on flowing anyway
And not sway or stray
As you will witness me

Floetically get in top shape
And with a flow
That is relatively easy
To absorb and take

And as floetic as I can make
Express and say
As my style just flows
And overflows with much potential

Very creative and original
But can also be
Quite torrential
As there are many poetic

And artistic facets
That have become the building blocks
Of my unique and various abilities
Comprised and realized

Through the poetic significance
Of Floalogy Essential












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Looking back from
When I first got started
Until the present time
And writing in my very own style

With many results
Stemming from my originality
And for quite a long time
But no matter what

I will always consider
My poetic pieces
As a fascinating work of art
Through much writing and typing

Feeling and thinking
Upon so many titles and things
And all that this
Has brought and continues to bring

For I will always be
Appreciative of what I created
And it’s always been just right
With timing and wordplay

Along with the underline meanings
I always wanted to convey and display
And have always operated
With fire and desire

That was totally unstoppable
And to leave behind a legacy and platform
That I will always feel and see
As remarkable






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The Outcome

Asking the most important question as a poet and artist….



This was never just
Simply for a hobby
Or just plain fun
As I spent the vast majority

Of my time
Establishing and building
Upon a specific motive
Along with a particular poetic outline

A tortured and starving artist
The entire time
With many works written
Along the way

Formed and took shape
As I look back
Upon each one
And would have shared

Many with the world
After all of this
Was said and done
For what actually took place

During this poetic journey
And what exactly will be
The final result
When poetry is done 

With me
For will I be the poet that won
And completely satisfied and content
With the final outcome












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Allegory 2



Living this life
And living in this world
For some time now
And with one heck of a story

To display and tell
Yet feeling compelled
Despite it all
And wanting to leave a mark

That will speaks volumes
Of my allegory
Described in words
Detailed in looks

Just waiting to be told
And overflowing out of
Life’s reality and book
But hopefully never overlooked

Or being shortchanged
For what I have seen and lived
Was not all fun and games
And spent many of days

Thinking upon times and ways
And sometimes writing
For hours and days
Many nights and being in a fog

Or a haze
The constant race
And the revolving door
That led to a maze

For too long but stayed the course
So that others could see as well
So that by keeping on
And moving along

That they could too
Despite whatever stresses of life
That has been thrown at you
Yet chose and choose

To write a story
About more than just survival
And living a life
In and out of idle

But still here regardless
Even when put to certain tests
Feeling like more and less
Mistakes and some success

For I have lived a life
Through the thick and thin
As others have as well
With much to say 

And with much committed
To many memories
That could probably publish
A hundred different stories

Through a dream and wish
Hit and miss
That will paint the picture
Of what remained

And as to what consists
As part of the overall story
For this and so much more
Spells out my allegory














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Musical Art



In the case of musical art
Is where the musician
Truly abides and lives
The musical place

To always call home
Whether many are around
Or at it all alone
And always with the hope

That their love for this
Will allow the notes thereof
To spread about and persist
And always in good fashion

And loving it more
Through the people’s
Awesome reactions
All from pure

Artistic talent and passion
That won’t ever leave or part
As their very soul, pulse, and heartbeat
Lives and breathes for musical art








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Surrounded By Red



Looking around at this world
As one takes it all in
And in various ways
Quite often fed

Moving about a world
That is surrounded by red
With much hatred and racism
Running ever so rampant

And becoming even more
Of a constant cataclysm
No fantasies here
Just all realism

And far too much at times
Due to many people
Crossing the lines
And with no apparent return

As many afterwards
Soon learn and with some
Feeling the burn
From many atrocities

That are unfair as anyone could see
But in this world of red
There is a serious lack of
Empathy and sympathy

For this and more
Is exactly where we
All have arrived
With everyone just trying

To live out their best lives
Each day and night
Before going to bed
For what will become

Of us all
Through this instead
With the aftermaths of downfalls
Bleeding in an environment

Surrounded by red















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The Science Of A Rhyme



The movement of
And the moment of a standstill
The feeling thereof
And the breakdown of it

If I may and I will
Writing in the physical
Basking in the mental
Held within and can’t wait to share

But oh so original
And to not do so
For a true poet
Would seem so criminal

With depth and deepness
Along with the subliminal
A varying storm
In both written and spoken forms

And has greatly surpassed
The standards and norms
And simultaneously
Both cool and warm

Naturally injected intravenously
Before even been born
And always on a mission
Going well beyond

Limits and conditions
Avid intentions
Through poetic inventions
And ever present in thought

Before bringing to fruition
The poetic laboratory
Just waiting to be created
And to tell a new story

Or even recreate
Another allegory
And to convey
The sign of the times

Moving both forward
And on rewind
With poetic variables
Along with poetic equations

Written in place
Or a spoken invasion
To be enjoyed
But also at times with

A little persuasion
As well as being
A poetic anomaly
And also portraying

Various dichotomy
Read during the night
Read during the day
And making one feel

Some kind of way
Along with the creativity and brilliance
Of clever wordplay
Taking form and taking shape

With or without debate
The literary and the lyrical
Calligraphy and typography
In the realm of the poetical

Accompanying and occupying
Arriving and no denying
While accomplishing something
So incredible

While both mentally and emotionally
And done over time
Word for word

Line by line
Calling it yours
Calling it mine
Affecting the soul

And affecting the mind
Raw and unrefined
Smooth and undefined
Artistic and divine

And should never be confined
Ages like wine
Become intertwined
Yet entranced and intrigued

Along with being delighted
Ignited and invited
To write and speak
When one finds the time

To write and speak
Whats on the heart and mind
To eventually share
And bring to life

From what transpired during
A poetic grind
Replay and rewind
Reread over and over

If so inclined
And doing so with a straight face
Or with a smile
And at this for a while

As the poetic case
The poetic chase
Could go on for miles
To sign

To outline
Mix up and switch up
Poetic lines

Be an ever growing vine
And leave behind
The poetic results
Of a literary potion

That displayed and conveyed
The lyrical lines
From a vocal or written
Chemical reaction

That just cannot be defined
Cannot be denied
And doesn’t have a need
To be justified

For it is what it is
So just allow it to be
Natural at all times
With a domino effect

That can also change lives
Picked up with hands
But observed with eyes
The sight

The sounds
Taken in by ear
That also may abound
And be found

To both
Decrease and increase in size
And being a carrier wave
Within the poetic mind

From the very first moment
That a poet
Tried it on for size
Becoming magnetized

Combined and emphasized
By poetic algorithms

Word for word
Line by line
All at once
Or one at a time

With poetic simulations achieved
As most of the world will find

Planting the seed
And burying the root
For when it comes to
The art of poetry

This is a poet’s truth
Each and every time
Circling the mind
Through life and breath

And beyond the scrutinized
To wake up and shake up
The times
And be the voice and words of reason

Basking in each season
That will be free and never denied
Literary wonders
And lyrical combinations

That set the tone and feel
With each word and line
That gets revealed
From what has left

And also arrived
For this is the poetic art
And definition explained
Through the science of a rhyme







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A slight blemish
A sudden fault
Or even worse in effect
A very undesirable feature

As we are all creatures
Of many habits
That always exist
Among us all

Moving about freely
Or at the very edge
Before a fall
Nowhere near perfect

As no human being is
Not anyone from the past
Or that currently lives
Because so much in this way

In the areas of life and our existence
We remain incomplete
In countless and vast ways
No matter the night or day

But acceptance of it
Is the key
But just how many
Of us really do as such

Because if we all did
The world would be
Quite a very different place
And no matter the color

Of the skin on a person’s face
Their height or weight
Appearance or body size
Fit or don’t exercise

Sick or healthy
Doing terribly or very well
Rich or poor
Buy or sell

But as far as humanity
Can actually say or tell
No such thing exist
Outside of real

And unconditional love
For love is powerful
And can transcend 
So many things

If we could ever get there
But I refuse to hold my breath
Waiting in anticipation
For this to happen or occur

Any day or night
In all areas and directions
As time goes by in the 
Non acceptance of all imperfections