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Flowing Interest



I just wanted

To take this time

To thank each and every one of you

For all of the support and interest

Over this period of time

But not long overdue

For all of my poetic works

That I chose

To share with all of you

Each moment spent writing

And all of you reading

My floetic artwork

With each one being


As I surfed

And sift through 

My unique poetic mind

As each of you found

And continued to find

That showed and outlined

My style for a quite a while

With many eyes 

That took the time

To give my art a look

For through this poetic outlet

It gave the freedom

To be and express

As an open book

So thank you

Thank you

Once again

And truly appreciate

The time taken

To check out all of my poetry

From a very long list

As Floalogy and I

Have been embraced

By all of your support

And flowing interest








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Champagne Delight



Sipping during the day
Or during the pale moonlight
As one is in good company
And wanting to convey

Just a little fascination and interest
But in a cool and mild way
Tapping the glasses against the other
With mutual smiles on display

All the while
Thinking about each other
In various ways
From just one look

As time in this moment
Is standing still and set on pause
As each second and minute
Just feels so right

As the company of two
Continue to bask
In each other’s presence
While enjoying a champagne delight






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Love: An Uphill Battle

Hello everyone, checkout my latest poetry book project on Wattpad called “Love: An Uphill Battle”. 

The link is here at

And as always, comments are welcome and appreciated, thanks!!



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This is a letter to all of you, 


I want to take this time to say thank you to all of my fans and readers that have read and supported my work up to this point and to those also who have recently come on here and are new to Writings By MCM. This is not a goodbye, but rather a moment to refocus my energies and my work due to other projects and also my evolution. I have gone as far as I can go with Writings By MCM and can no longer contribute in this regard. I have some new and creative ideas I’ve wanted to bring to the table for quite a while and as a true poet and artist, we have to let our light shine and go and flow in the directions that it takes us. I have to be true to myself and to my craft, so therefore holding back anymore or staying stagnated is not what I want nor care to do anymore.  

So, I ask that you stay with me during this transition period and that you will support my new direction and path just as you did with this one here. I’ve been doing this for a very long time and the fire will never burn out, but I lost the fun factor with doing poetry and need to find that part of myself again before continuing on forward. This is not a goodbye, just a moment of reflection as I find the fun again and head into new territory with my poetry. I have evolved so my work must reflect this as well.  

The layout and theme will change, have my own original form of poetry, a new original name and new original style of poetry, along with other creative directions in the future will be coming soon. I will miss Writings By MCM, but at the same time I must evolve and not cheat my own artistic self by not doing so just because of nostalgia or what I’ve been accustomed to doing all of this time. As artists we must allow our own light to shine on this world and life but always be true to ourselves and also to the art.

This very new and poetic direction will continue through this same site just revamped and with a more flowing and creative twist. So, I will be taking a little time off to get all of this ready but I promise all of you that I will return soon. So, stay tuned and much love and peace always!!

P.S. Also as artists I’m sure you understand….And in the meantime, enjoy my huge collection of poetry.


Sincerely and dearly, 

As I retire this stage of my life an enter into the next one….


Writings By MCM 

















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End Of An Era



Well the time has come

For me to move it on along

To a new era of my life

Which has evolved

In many ways

Through both darkness and light

For I have come to a point

And a fork in the road

To where I cannot stay

Because it wouldn’t be fair

It wouldn’t be right

To stagnate and wait

Instead of moving forward

And brightening up my light

Even more

Reaching new heights and levels

And further soar

Along in my poetic and artistic

Journey ahead

As destiny has called

I have answered it

And ready for what’s next

That will be better shown than said

Displayed and heard

And not just read

Reciting along with writing

As this side of me

Now needs to retire

So that the new and improved me

Can inspire and take me much higher

As I move the world

Right along with me indeed

Dismissing and waving goodbye

So that the evolution of me

Can proceed and succeed

And becoming

Exactly what I both

Want and need

So, help me

And as I live and breathe

While drawing into me

Even more energy

And a very sound journey

That will only enhance

My poetic legacy

Both now and forever

And boosting my

Artistic endeavors

And drawing to a close

For this truly is

The end of an era


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For more love and peace

Is what this world sorely needs

So let this increase





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When It’s All Over



You know when it’s over

When respect has left the building

And after their attempts

You find yourself no longer yielding

But feeling more contempt

Than anything else

Speaking harsh words

With an overly aggressive tone

Which doesn’t bring out your best

That sends chills down to the bone

And wanting to be left alone

But hold the phone

When the feeling has gone

Feeling emptied out

And has become senseless and dramatic

Is what it’s all about

Because there is nothing left

Except for only looking out for self

Because being around them

You cannot even get rest

Nor have any peace

As the fighting and bickering

Continues to increase

When long ago this should’ve ceased

Screaming matches that go nowhere

For everything is a competition

And a debate but wait

So much damage has been done

That it’s just too late

Due to the present condition

That has been building over time

And to do or try anything more

Is unnecessary

So, it’s time for one of us

To walk out the door

Because love no longer lives here anymore

It used to be

But then up and disappeared

So, what we have right here

Is a failure to communicate

Staying in something

That not one person

Has any stake in anymore

We fell we fall

And talking to each other

Is like talking to a brick wall

Feelings no longer considered

And real love is no longer rendered

Now completely hindered

And nothing to pull from

Because there is nothing left at the center

To keep this going

For we have become stagnated

And checkmated

So, there is no more growing

Finding self-ignoring them

And not even speaking or looking at them

When they come around

Time to bury this

And stick it into the ground

Six feet under

Because unfortunately

This has become a colossal blunder

And no wonder

Not one soul even ponders

The very idea of staying anymore

For like I said

It’s time to close the book on this

And shut the door behind you

For all of the signs and clues

Are all present right before

Both of you

So, what you both choose to do

Beyond this situation

Is entirely up to you

Cause the place for two

No longer exists

Time to go solo

And move away from this

Because it has become exhausting

And you both have checked off your list

Of things that states it’s time to go

This cannot be salvaged nor managed


Because being here any further

Just makes you feel older

For the time is near and has come

And all signs point to

When you know it’s all over



Design (1)



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Locked Down



A heart detested

Further suggested

Mind disgusted

Tired of digesting

Drama and pain

Again and again

Too much like the rest

Have to play it close to the chest

Need a bulletproof vest

From all the bullets fired

Like they were hired

To make one tired

And constantly expire

Flattened you out like a tire

Causing you to perspire

And so dire

Needing to cut and rewire

One’s entire body

To reject anybody

That has the inability

To take you higher

Love don’t live here

Anymore or will crack

For anything you deserve

That is sorely lacked

Locked down


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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Side By Side



Gone are the days

When married couples stayed

Together until death bid them adieu

Because one of the main issues

Is everyone want to keep their old life

And only think about self and you

Running away from obstacles

Instead of putting a stop to them

Turning a once beautiful thing

Into a side show and allow it to get grim

Going away from what started them

So far away that you don’t even

Recognize each other anymore

Someone loves harder

While the other gets bored

Less and less efforts are made

To grow and preserve it even more

Disrespect is flying all over it

And divorce is the simplest

Yet easiest way to be done with it all

So, when did married couples think it was okay

To get comfortable with a fall

And no big deal when dropping the ball

And done over time

Not caring enough

To get back in line

Lie and smile in public

Yet whine and yell at home

And being as ugly as can be

To each other and doing what’s right

Is the missing yet vital recipe

Barely seeking help

Or not at all

Just rather hurt inside

Than gather a guide

When things go astray

Someone goes cold

And bitterness begins to take shape

So much damage done to the point

Until resolution becomes too late

But there was once a time

When husbands and wives

Loved until it hurt

Then loved some more

And all over each other

Behind closed doors

Affection was a given

But nowadays it has gone missing

Walked and actually talked often

And made this a priority all the time

Spending quality time with each other

And standing and laying side by side

Treasuring every moment together

And gave this lots of time

Couldn’t wait to see them

And greeted with a shiny smile

Actually, missed them when away

Hugged and kissed every single day

As your love just fell in line

And home was anywhere

Where the two of you chose to reside

Because it didn’t matter as long as

You were together

And sharing something very rare and special

Never allowing anything or anyone

To tear you apart

For lock and key

Is how your keeping those hearts

Very close and with much care

And very little despair

Catching a mere glance

As you both stopped and stared

But over time and modern days

Something like this is only heard of

And rarely done

Just treated as ancient and a bygone era

And completed by no one

So, hats off to those

That have found and maintained

The winning formula

Not a perfect one

Just a consistent one

Happy tears falling into tissues

For staying faithful was never an issue

And never forgetting about your love

No matter what comes up or around

Staying above those who don’t

And not allowing yourselves to be down

Or torn apart

Just moving and flowing along

Constantly from the start

And treasure and pleasure

Each moment with them

At any given time

For the way to be you two

Is always side by side


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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To Bring Hope (Part 3)

(Final Version)




Roaming this world 

And what do I see 

So many people in need 

Of some rescuing 

And a place to cope 

With life in general 

And in dire need of hope 

Living life confined to a view 

Within a scope 

Thin and narrow 

With very little growth 

As they feel tired 

And exhausted both mentally and physically 

While some only have  

A connection spiritually 

To help get them through 

For without this 

They would feel broken in two 

Some trying to take their own life 

And feel they have nothing to live for 

When all they really needed was a chance 

And for enough people to care a little more 

With words of encouragement 

Bringing positive vibes  

And some peace sent 


Not enough people actually care 

And if and when you need them 

They are nowhere to be found 

Many knees touching the ground 

With tears falling down their cheeks 

But with no sound 

As they try to keep it in 

For they have grown tired 

Of watching others win 

And just seem to have it all 

They rise 

We fall 

And some would say 

To hang on tight 

Just one more day 

For when your issues come to an end 

They will allow for a brand-new start 

Just have to see it through 

And not come apart 

Surround yourself with those of like minds 

For you will find with time 

That this can be very helpful 

Especially when it comes to  

Situations with your hands full 

And not sure where to turn 

Take those hard moments in life 

And use them to learn 

Valuable lessons that will aid you next time 

So that you can take those dreams 

And truly align them with a smile 

But be patient 

Because this could take a while 

Stay occupied and try to find something 

That will help you relax 

And try to stay there as long as you can 

And hopefully they’ll never come back 

Because you have decided 

To move on with your life 

For you are still here 

And you’re going to be alright 

You must believe this 

And start inside of your mind 

Speak positive things into your life 

And at some point 

You will feel better inside and outside 

With more hope that shows in your eyes 

For you will find  

That your day of change 

Starts with you 

And what you choose to do 

Or not do 

To help ease your pain 

With a positive outlook and antidote 

From this poet right here 

Is just helping to spread those vibes 

That will capture and shine 

And send out vast amounts 

In light of and in a way 

That brings hope


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM