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Riding The Wave Of Floalogy

Bonus Poem


Riding the wave of


As I possess

And represent the finesse

Along with the poetic biology

As a whole when it takes effect

Doing nothing less

So feel me on this

As I reach and unleash

But also breach

Even after taking a seat

Attack from a lyrical and visual offset

And floetically whatever else

Because poetry is not through with me yet

And you can bet

That it and I will still be standing

Even after nothing is left

For floalogy and I

Are the keys and sum of my flowing style

And all the while stack and compile

More because at the door of the floetic horizon

Lies more floetry that is lyrically tantalizing

Ever surprising and no denying

The poetic force within

And on course as usual and will never bend

Yet take a strategic pause every now and then

For when poetry calls I just ask when

So let us begin

Once again

From now until the end

Convey and display

Form and make way no matter

The night or day

And always aiming to go higher

With a poetic heart on fire

Inspire and aspire

Floetic desire and ever so dire

And very realistic

Unique and with a blend of the simplistic

With overflowing characteristics

Along with seeing and being

Euphorically and categorically

And also simultaneously

Be the black the white and the gray in between

So fresh and clean

As this remains to be seen

Ever so bold

Cool and ice cold

And with a stylish flow

Never before seen or told

And being the very bridge

Between the new and old

And still a poetic anomaly

Yet visually and expressively feels and thrills

And at times at a standstill

Like cool words in the form of bold photography

For this is what it means

To ride the wave of Floalogy


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Feeling The Freeness Of Floalogy

The Send Off Poem 2 of 2



Feeling the freeness

Of Floalogy

As it and I

Through floetic success

Visualized and with finesse

Free flowing

Cool and smooth

In tune

Always aimed

To self soothe

With floetical grooves

All while floating

And hovering

Over the type of poetry

That this would constantly bring

And turn out to be

Something incredible

And phenomenal

But this version of 


Has come to a close

For who knows

The capacity


Along with the type of


That surpassed the unknown

The sharing of the undisclosed

Didn’t freeze up nor sat still

But stayed unfroze

Much chill but not cold

As I 

Was ecstatically wearing 

 A different set and style

Of poetic clothes

And for a while

And for some time

I wrote along a path

That didn’t fall in line

With the traditional

But most certainly original

Yet also bespoke

For all folks

Along with uniquely tailored


With much Floalogy flavor

And became exposed


And magnetically


For all will see collectively

As it moves with such a force 

And never veered off course


Just poetry with

A free flowing voice

As I

Made this choice



And radically

Poised by the literary

Making noise lyrically

And we’ll just have to see

To what else 

This can bring

To the artistic table


As I’m

Willing and able


Of conveying

An emotional wave

Night or day

But in the floetic way

All in

No halves

To the very end

Always whole

With a steady beat and pulse

Flowing freely

But with a bit of static

That always unfolds

Live and in color

And beyond the


Never small in size

Or stature

But rather full grown

Let alone

Aspire and capture

Daring and bold

As I and Floalogy

Have welcomed many

To this floetical fold

And didn’t see us coming

Nor was this foretold

And from this floetic avenue

And floetry juncture

Many poetic pieces were invented


Harnessed and growed

From a floetical point of view

That I never hesitated

To fully express

In all totality

As I

And all of you

Have witnessed

And experienced

Through all the senses

The byproduct

And the very fiber

Of my poetic being

Living and breathing


And basking in and of

Free flowing poetry

Along with seeing

The pure essence

And truly feeling the freeness

Of Floalogy




























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To Go With The Flow



Floalogy and I

Like to go

With the flow

As this is so

Day or night

Whether to type

Or write

The floetical lines

And feeling these

Cool floetic vibes

As we rise

To the poetic occassion

Right before the eyes

In this literary situation

In every single way

With much wordplay

That effortlessly

Takes form and shape

Through rhymes

And the residual

Through synergy

And the lyrical

Just rolling

And folding

One right after another

Just molding

And floating

Both individually

But simultaneously

All together

And speeding past

Level eight

Despite the weather

As me

And Floalogy

Have opened the flood gates

And make no mistake

For I

Always look forward to this

And can never truly wait

As I




And synthesize

Within this floetic lab

As I




And strategize

Yet feel so

Floetically energized

And took a stab

At my very own style

Of floetic invention

With every intention

Of basking in this forever

No matter the condition

With no detox

Or rehab

But regularly


And dash

My way 

Into a poetic legacy

And one that

The whole world

Will see

Many times over

And countless times in a row

As I

And Floalogy

Bend and flex

Posted up

And ready for whatever

Comes next

Cooled within a few degrees

And having the pressing need

To always know

As Floalogy

And I

Will stay and keep cool 

Yet continue

To go with the flow

















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Radically Floetic Continued



Floalogy is 

Radically floetic

For I said it 

Again here in part two

And being continued

As I had more to bring

To all of you

Feeling the vibe

As I 

And Floalogy take a ride

Aiming high

With no question of why

And surpassing level eight

As I couldn’t wait

Any longer to shake-up

And wake up

Those that are new to this

As I persist


Never resist

And because of this

And to spit

In writing form

Rhymes and wordplay

All night and day

As a quiet storm

Moving along a vast array

And being smooth and cool

In the aftermath and wake

Of this poetic


Lyrically magnetic

Literary aesthetic

With much energy

And synergy

Sent in the form

Of a cool bolt of lightning

And won’t ever regret it

Will never forget it

And giving credit

Where it is due

As I come through

Once again

To bring on the noise


And hoist

Each word and line

From this floetic 

And poetic mind

Each and every time

As many will soon find

In control

But cross lines

With a flowing vibe

That will bypass

These troubled times

Headed towards and forwards

Along with flashbacks and rewinds


And sporadically


All at the same time

Silky smooth and fine

A feast for the eyes

Laid back as a glass of wine

And there I said it

Far away and within view

And always on the menu

As this right here is

Radically floetic continued
















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Radically Floetic




Is radically floetic



And written as a flow

Along with a watery aesthetic

As many have come to know

Mixed with unique rhymes

For the times


Right on time

Forward motion

And rewind

Stirring up a poetic commotion

With every notion

Yet moves and grooves

Like the waves of an ocean

Flowing and cool

And meant to soothe

With each one 

That I do

Tried and true

And there I said it

As this is part one

Of radically floetic





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To Flow With Purpose And Style



To flow with much
Purpose and style
And doing so with
A fiery passion

And have been at this for a while
As I have
Compiled and filed
Shined and smiled

Going all out and wild
Gone to great lengths
And covering many miles
Poetry with design and purpose

Along with being on a mission
Done under no limits or conditions
Always felt urgent
And moved along very nicely

Cool but icy
Quite a ride but never dicey
Ideas and thoughts were plenty
Poem amount and numbers are many

Various but trendy
Through error and trial
The lyrical and literary
Never stunted by growth

Speak and spoke
Written and wrote
With rhymes for miles
All composed and accomplished in order 

To flow with purpose and style









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The Flow Beyond Level 8





Is dynamic poetry

And welcoming many

To the party

And ready

To see

Even more

And score

Felt at the core

Floetry galore

That is amazing

And tracing

All the way back

From the very beginning


And spitting

With never ending


With so much poetic desire

And aspire

Reaching for higher

As I


With Floalogy

With a need

That always seems


And as I

Live and breathe

And fulfilling

My floetic destiny

And dreams

Of poetry

With words and lines

That occupy and signify

The traffic in my mind

That never gets pass me

So while we

Blow pass limits and boundaries

Vibing floetically

And artistically being

The poetic cover

As I

Levitate and hover

Floating like no other

Both high and low

The audience and show

And never sorry

For the lyrical flow

For Floalogy

Is cooler than

The other side of the pillow

With no mistake

Not up for debate

Never too late

Don’t hesitate

Fresh out of the gate

Natural poetic traits

With a style that is great

That vibrates and shakes

A poetic earthquake

A piece of cake

Always real and not fake

The floetic path and fate

Down for the ride

As I

And Floalogy have surpassed

Built to last

And have conquered this race

Have gone by

And blown by

To outlast

Face to face

All while going well beyond

And flowing past

Level eight

















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Floetic Vibes



Floalogy and I

Have blended and mixed together

No matter the weather

To garner and deliver

At all times

With cool and smooth

Floetic vibes

And comes as no surprise

As it and I

Have been on the rise

With lyrical writings

Taken in by curious minds

Felt inside and outside

And a literary escape

For the eyes

That I

Just couldn’t wait

To have this exposed

Displayed and composed

Shared and who knows

Exactly what else

Other than myself

Of course

With my poetic thoughts

And critical thinking

As the main source

Floetic writings with a voice

Floetical lines

That had me occupied

All the time

And feeling cool flowing vibes

With much to do

To not yet bid adieu

As I so choose

To wear and walk

These floetic shoes

And to be glued to this

Never subdued

By the pen and paper

Laying across my hand and wrist

As this is

Floalogy trending

And going viral

Flowing and never ending

And never stuck in idle


And exuberant

As it and I

Did grant

The very essence

And uniqueness of this

To chill and be a thrill

Thrive and come alive

Ride and never hide

Yet glide ever so high

And besides

Have the ability

To relax and lay back

And allowing Floalogy

To react and sit back

Over and over again

To escape and be free

Every now and then

So join

It and I

And come along for the ride

As we spiral 

And rival

Beyond limits and unwanted control

And become an allegory

That gets repeated and told

And further becoming

A natural poetic high

As we

Get by

And fly



And feel alive

From all sides

And basking in

The coolness thereof

The perfect fit of a glove

And ready to rise above

With floetry on the mind

And savor the flavor

Of poetry that is

Silky fine

So come with me

As it and I

Continue to reveal this

Along with the flowing smoothness

Of these floetic vibes




















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Dropping More Flow



Just how many times

And even more times


And tantalize

To wake up and shakeup

This world

After dropping

More flow and rhymes

With a fire inside

But just as rare and unique

As the oyster and pearl

Displayed on the outside

With rhyme on the mind

All the time

And watch me take this

And never resist

To flash forward and rewind

With much floetry

And wild poetry

As a chain of floetic events

That came and went

As I don’t get bent

And with much effort spent

Being magnetic



As I 

Use and felt as directed

As I’ve

Created and built

A poetic enterprise

That continues to go live

The mega wave and ride

With no reason to ever


Super size

And synthesize

Climb and rise

A feast and treat

For the eyes

A floetic retreat

For the mind

As it and I

Are balanced and harmonized

Through much skill and talent

That has arrived

Will arise

Change lives

And a proponent

Along with being

An interesting opponent

Of natural selection

Due to poetic biology

And scintillating Floalogy

In all poetic sections

With the affinity

And dignity

While flowing on

And going on

A floetical spree

Very well received

Around the world

And throughout society

Living in this reality

No fantasy

And have embraced 

Being and becoming 

A poetic and floetic


Build for floetry

Made for Floalogy

And reeking of synergy

Seeking more energy

Reaching and aiming

For more of the legendary

That has vastly varied

As I

Have toted and carried

Noted and journeyed

All while leaving

A poetic legacy

With an ear to the streets

A pulse and steady heartbeat

Light on my feet

Sought and seek

Stuck on repeat

And feeling

The utter need

To operate

At full speed




Even further in


So feel me

On this

As I

Also approach this

With both an open hand

And a closed fist

As my

Floetic words and lines

Are all the way live

As this revolution 

And evolution

Will not be televised

For this is what 

I naturally do


Oh so cool

Move and groove

About these lands

As Floalogy self soothes

Understood and to understand

Yet ooze

Poetic brilliance

And resilience


With much smoothness

And flow

Having happened

Countless times

In a row

As it and I

Rock and roll

And not purely or solely

Just for show

All as something truly great

That I’ve come to know

Turning right and left

The cause and effect

And very little else

With no regret

And never accepting 

Of anything less

So just watch and witness

It and I continue to grow

This very moment and instance

Through much persistence

No resistance

That all comes with Floalogy

Dropping more flow



















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Dropping Flow



I am Floalogy

And Floalogy is me

With a flow

That is dropping

And no stopping

For all to see

And being a force

Within the art

Of poetry

And on a collision course

That has been my destiny

Just admiring

And diving

Deeper and deeper

Into the depths of Floalogy

The keeper and sweeper

With much originality

Basking in floetry

As anyone can see

Just rowing and flowing

Yet knowing

Constantly growing

Gliding and soaring

Abiding and floating

And taking

A bow for the cause

Much applause

Never on pause

The rise but no fall

But yet and somehow

Sit and stand tall

Walk and crawl

Run and shift all

Climb the wall

And having never

Dropped the ball

All while eyeing

No denying

At times surprising

Yet comprising

Of much floetry


And very much

Took a liking

To the art of poetry

All as something truly great

That I’ve come to know

Turning right and left

The cause and effect

And very little else

So just watch and witness

It and I continue to grow

This instant

Through much persistence

That all comes with Floalogy

Dropping flow