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Floalogy Will Live On



Floalogy will live on
And carry on
As it and all the other iterations
Prior to this 

That preceded this version and style
And have been around
For quite a while
As a tortured and starving artist

Yet always poetically driven
And will forever be a part
Of the poetic menu
No matter the venue

For Floalogy will continue
Day or night
Evening or dawn
As this is my ode and swan song

To my poetic legacy
But continued through
A quiet storm in motion
My other poetic endeavor

That will go on for a little while
And with a different poetic version
That has already been compiled
As the poetic show

Must carry on
To the tune of a different song
But even after I leave this world
My poetic mark and legacy

Will be left behind
From much passion and fire
That will never be gone
As my artistic life and

The pulse of my artwork
Beats forever
As the flow and essence
Of Floalogy will always live on




























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Flowing Interest



I just wanted

To take this time

To thank each and every one of you

For all of the support and interest

Over this period of time

But not long overdue

For all of my poetic works

That I chose

To share with all of you

Each moment spent writing

And all of you reading

My floetic artwork

With each one being


As I surfed

And sift through 

My unique poetic mind

As each of you found

And continued to find

That showed and outlined

My style for a quite a while

With many eyes 

That took the time

To give my art a look

For through this poetic outlet

It gave the freedom

To be and express

As an open book

So thank you

Thank you

Once again

And truly appreciate

The time taken

To check out all of my poetry

From a very long list

As Floalogy and I

Have been embraced

By all of your support

And flowing interest








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Looking back from
When I first got started
Until the present time
And writing in my very own style

With many results
Stemming from my originality
And for quite a long time
But no matter what

I will always consider
My poetic pieces
As a fascinating work of art
Through much writing and typing

Feeling and thinking
Upon so many titles and things
And all that this
Has brought and continues to bring

For I will always be
Appreciative of what I created
And it’s always been just right
With timing and wordplay

Along with the underline meanings
I always wanted to convey and display
And have always operated
With fire and desire

That was totally unstoppable
And to leave behind a legacy and platform
That I will always feel and see
As remarkable






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Champagne Delight



Sipping during the day
Or during the pale moonlight
As one is in good company
And wanting to convey

Just a little fascination and interest
But in a cool and mild way
Tapping the glasses against the other
With mutual smiles on display

All the while
Thinking about each other
In various ways
From just one look

As time in this moment
Is standing still and set on pause
As each second and minute
Just feels so right

As the company of two
Continue to bask
In each other’s presence
While enjoying a champagne delight






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The Tortured and Starving Artist




Being an artist naturally
As soon as one’s birth
And hoping to align
One’s talent and passion

All while leaving behind
A mark on this Earth
Because at first
Some will not always understand

How one could be an artist
Purely and soulfully
Out of desire and ability alone
And not even have a true home

As the whole world seems to be
The art filled place
That the true artist sees
And feeling tortured 

Both night and day
Constantly aching
But comfortable from this
As the passion for the arts

Will continue to persist
As they live and breath
With hopes that this will one day
Pan out successfully

Along with quite financially
But this ever concerning recipe
Doesn’t always take place
Or even decently

As the artist at times
Would like it to be
For the fire within
Won’t let up nor go away

And wrong to not share it
So freely and keep it at bay
For a true artist
Just refuses and cannot resist

Living within their life and talent
No matter what
Seem oddly and off the cuff
And sometime even living rough

Or not having enough
But never giving up
As this person
Goes down their list

For this is the life
And torture thereof
Stemming from being
A starving artist











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Surrounded By Red



Looking around at this world
As one takes it all in
And in various ways
Quite often fed

Moving about a world
That is surrounded by red
With much hatred and racism
Running ever so rampant

And becoming even more
Of a constant cataclysm
No fantasies here
Just all realism

And far too much at times
Due to many people
Crossing the lines
And with no apparent return

As many afterwards
Soon learn and with some
Feeling the burn
From many atrocities

That are unfair as anyone could see
But in this world of red
There is a serious lack of
Empathy and sympathy

For this and more
Is exactly where we
All have arrived
With everyone just trying

To live out their best lives
Each day and night
Before going to bed
For what will become

Of us all
Through this instead
With the aftermaths of downfalls
Bleeding in an environment

Surrounded by red















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Love: An Uphill Battle

Hello everyone, checkout my latest poetry book project on Wattpad called “Love: An Uphill Battle”. 

The link is here at

And as always, comments are welcome and appreciated, thanks!!



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This is a letter to all of you, 


I want to take this time to say thank you to all of my fans and readers that have read and supported my work up to this point and to those also who have recently come on here and are new to Writings By MCM. This is not a goodbye, but rather a moment to refocus my energies and my work due to other projects and also my evolution. I have gone as far as I can go with Writings By MCM and can no longer contribute in this regard. I have some new and creative ideas I’ve wanted to bring to the table for quite a while and as a true poet and artist, we have to let our light shine and go and flow in the directions that it takes us. I have to be true to myself and to my craft, so therefore holding back anymore or staying stagnated is not what I want nor care to do anymore.  

So, I ask that you stay with me during this transition period and that you will support my new direction and path just as you did with this one here. I’ve been doing this for a very long time and the fire will never burn out, but I lost the fun factor with doing poetry and need to find that part of myself again before continuing on forward. This is not a goodbye, just a moment of reflection as I find the fun again and head into new territory with my poetry. I have evolved so my work must reflect this as well.  

The layout and theme will change, have my own original form of poetry, a new original name and new original style of poetry, along with other creative directions in the future will be coming soon. I will miss Writings By MCM, but at the same time I must evolve and not cheat my own artistic self by not doing so just because of nostalgia or what I’ve been accustomed to doing all of this time. As artists we must allow our own light to shine on this world and life but always be true to ourselves and also to the art.

This very new and poetic direction will continue through this same site just revamped and with a more flowing and creative twist. So, I will be taking a little time off to get all of this ready but I promise all of you that I will return soon. So, stay tuned and much love and peace always!!

P.S. Also as artists I’m sure you understand….And in the meantime, enjoy my huge collection of poetry.


Sincerely and dearly, 

As I retire this stage of my life an enter into the next one….


Writings By MCM 

















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End Of An Era



Well the time has come

For me to move it on along

To a new era of my life

Which has evolved

In many ways

Through both darkness and light

For I have come to a point

And a fork in the road

To where I cannot stay

Because it wouldn’t be fair

It wouldn’t be right

To stagnate and wait

Instead of moving forward

And brightening up my light

Even more

Reaching new heights and levels

And further soar

Along in my poetic and artistic

Journey ahead

As destiny has called

I have answered it

And ready for what’s next

That will be better shown than said

Displayed and heard

And not just read

Reciting along with writing

As this side of me

Now needs to retire

So that the new and improved me

Can inspire and take me much higher

As I move the world

Right along with me indeed

Dismissing and waving goodbye

So that the evolution of me

Can proceed and succeed

And becoming

Exactly what I both

Want and need

So, help me

And as I live and breathe

While drawing into me

Even more energy

And a very sound journey

That will only enhance

My poetic legacy

Both now and forever

And boosting my

Artistic endeavors

And drawing to a close

For this truly is

The end of an era


design1.png (100×98)








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Passionate Poetic Thoughts



I seek

I sought

I fight

I fought

Both inside and outside

Of my artistic mind

Filled completely to the rim

Of my internal glass

Both now and in times past

With very passionate poetic thoughts

As a poetic individual

That thinks radical and critical

With words and lines

Lyrics and rhymes

Just burning constantly

And fiercely inside

Predicated and dedicated

To my life’s work

And realizing by the day

My own self worth

Reach but never halt

Teach but also taught

The pepper and salt

And the master of my own


That gets enhanced through every

Poetic creation

For this world and its issues

Is what I’m constantly facing

And with hope

And through hope

Do some replacing

And partial erasing

All while leaving my mark

At the very same time

With power seen and felt

Through every single

Poetic word and line

And do so in kind

Replay and rewind

While on my poetic grind

And be a poet of the times

With an art and through an art

That always shines

Combines and realign

How it and I

See this world

As I cast a spotlight

Upon it and letting my light

Forever shine

And being my own boss

Always going after what I

Seek and sought

And with every breath

Count the costs

Of this life of mine

And refusing to be confined

By negative labels

As I’m more than capable

And both willing and able

For even I have gained much

Through lessons and loss

For I live for this here

And can see it through these eyes

Each time the poetic gets tossed

As I’m encased and absorbed

And preoccupied with both of

My private and exposed

Passionate poetic thoughts


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