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Riding The Wave Of Floalogy

Bonus Poem


Riding the wave of


As I possess

And represent the finesse

Along with the poetic biology

As a whole when it takes effect

Doing nothing less

So feel me on this

As I reach and unleash

But also breach

Even after taking a seat

Attack from a lyrical and visual offset

And floetically whatever else

Because poetry is not through with me yet

And you can bet

That it and I will still be standing

Even after nothing is left

For floalogy and I

Are the keys and sum of my flowing style

And all the while stack and compile

More because at the door of the floetic horizon

Lies more floetry that is lyrically tantalizing

Ever surprising and no denying

The poetic force within

And on course as usual and will never bend

Yet take a strategic pause every now and then

For when poetry calls I just ask when

So let us begin

Once again

From now until the end

Convey and display

Form and make way no matter

The night or day

And always aiming to go higher

With a poetic heart on fire

Inspire and aspire

Floetic desire and ever so dire

And very realistic

Unique and with a blend of the simplistic

With overflowing characteristics

Along with seeing and being

Euphorically and categorically

And also simultaneously

Be the black the white and the gray in between

So fresh and clean

As this remains to be seen

Ever so bold

Cool and ice cold

And with a stylish flow

Never before seen or told

And being the very bridge

Between the new and old

And still a poetic anomaly

Yet visually and expressively feels and thrills

And at times at a standstill

Like cool words in the form of bold photography

For this is what it means

To ride the wave of Floalogy



My Main Blog

Quiet Storm In Motion

Storm Letter,

Hello everyone, this site here is my secondary blog that will become my only one here soon. My primary and main blog has been Floalogy, and that one and the direction its been headed in creatively is coming to a close. Only 5 left to post there and it will serve as not only as my poetry archive, but also the poetic legacy and my mark of all of my poetic works I leave behind for this world. If you haven’t checked it out, give it a look and also enjoy. I also want to take this time to say thank you for the suport you’ve given Quiet Storm In Motion as well. This site deals more with everday things around us, personal experiences, along with a deep/rich points of views from various aspects in life. Floalogy on the other hand, has been a huge collection and collaboration…

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Quiet Storm In Motion

Poem 26


My style

Blows pass the written

Completely smitten

Look and listen

Pay close attention

As poetry is being


Will never resent it

Displayed and not hidden

Conveyed and lyrically spitting

As it has a certain glow

That just shines and glistens

For this is exactly

What’s been missing

Not falling or tripping

Held in place and at bay

So, no leaks or dripping

As a matter of fact

Nothing torn or cracked

As I react

And so lyrical

The poetic pinnacle

As this individual

Always thinks critically

Breathes radically

With much stealth and poise

That may seem invincible

Nothing trivial

But always brings the noise


As you receive

And perceive

As I


To give and feed

The need

And not here to perform

Some type of miracle

But crucial

While engaging the spiritual

Reading the biblical

Never serial


Poetry that is subliminal


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Quiet Storm In Motion

Poem 25


Flowing and moving

Soothing and grooving

And being a floacist

A lyricist

And something

I just can’t resist

As I


And my poetry consists of

Magnetic lines

And lyrical rhymes

With much to show and speak of

Poetic totality

Always my reality

Through much morality


And a validity

That just speaks to me

A poetic fire

For all to feel and see

For I found and discovered

The unique and profound

All the way around

The poetic recipe

The literary ingredients

And written seasoning

That I pen with precision

Living my vision

Which will be evident

Living in the poetic neighborhood

As I long term resident

Constantly making poetic decisions

As my poetry comes and goes

Was here and then went

Much goes on simultaneously

Between thinking and writing

And being so inviting

Always bright and shining

As me and poetry

Are always combining


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Quiet Storm In Motion

Poem 24



Is what I call my style

After it greatly evolved

After a while

The reinvention

Not in contravention

Written and made

With every good intention

The light that ignites

The shade

As my poetry will convey

Put up on a strong display

And as I may

Served up on a silver tray

Say what I say

Sending out

Poetic shockwaves in everyway

For I live and breathe

The poetic

Being magnetic

A written aesthetic

Knowing where its headed

Chess not checkers

Literary tactics

Spoken but erratic

And causing static disruption

Words and lines

Filled with energy and traffic

All the time

That just leaps off of the page

With a poetic eruption

And always going after

Higher levels

Will always be a factor

A poetic nuclear reactor

Flowing and growing

Knowing and towing

Itself in all directions

And along the way

Making necessary course corrections


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Flow Field

Quiet Storm In Motion

Poem 23


Not a force field

But more like

A flow field

As my poetry

Will reveal

Very much seen

And not concealed

For it consists of

And is made of

Yet exudes this

From all directions

From every angle

Ruling and running

Every section

And becoming even more

Yet something newfangled

Enhanced through much ferocity

As poetry has a stronghold on me

With much tenacity

Untapped synergy

And limitless energy

Bold and magnetic

When you least expect it

Never hectic

Immeasurable through metrics

Moving with purpose and power

And absorbing the kinetic

So electric

Or should I say floetric

So poetic

But also,floetic

Such unique poemology

With a constant flowology

For you from me

As time will continue

To reveal

Keeping it real

And seal

But also wrapping

Each poetic piece of mine

Within a flow field

Quiet Storm In Motion


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Disarray — Quiet Storm In Motion

Storm Letter, Disarray This entire world is in a total state of disarray. As things seem to be getting worse by the day. But there is no time like the present, meaning due to the current state of affairs we need to seek our Creator now more than ever before. There are many things […]

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Taken in by the visual
And the way it hits the eyes
As many believe
That looks and appearances

Is highly favored and critical
Especially appealing 
The more unique and original
That it seems

And deem to be
Destined for much more
And accepted ever so pleasantly
As this has opened 

The virtual door
And curious as to where
This may lead
Along with setting up an experience

That entices all senses
While on a specific journey
If only one would let it
With a true acceptance

And not later on regret it
Just hoping to enjoy this
Beyond just an instance
Or one single visit

Don’t want to blink either
Just so one doesn’t miss it
And committing to
A long lasting memory

And to never forget it
All of the essence and allure
That came about and with
This amazing aesthetic 











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Champagne Delight



Sipping during the day
Or during the pale moonlight
As one is in good company
And wanting to convey

Just a little fascination and interest
But in a cool and mild way
Tapping the glasses against the other
With mutual smiles on display

All the while
Thinking about each other
In various ways
From just one look

As time in this moment
Is standing still and set on pause
As each second and minute
Just feels so right

As the company of two
Continue to bask
In each other’s presence
While enjoying a champagne delight







Never Lose Hope — Quiet Storm In Motion

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