Dedication to Mom

For you Mom……..




I cannot describe you with enough words

To say everything you mean to me

And everything that I’ve ever heard

Come from your lips and heart

Your very presence is felt

Even when we are apart

Being there for me always

Though many times you wanted

To actually be right there

But always be aware

That I carry you

Everywhere that I go

So you are always near and dear

To my heart and soul

You’ve been through much

During your lifetime

But always continue to shine

No matter what you face

And a strength that I’ve witnessed

Time and time again

Holding on and loving through

Despite where you have been

You are more than enough

And everything you’ve done and been to us

Has always meant so much

A living example

For your kids

To admire and emulate to

So best believe that we

Will always love you

No matter where we are

In this world

We will always see you

As a classy and very rare pearl

Through all of the memories

Both present and past

I will always confess that you are

The best mother a son could ever have




Your Proud Son,



Love You