Flow Field

Quiet Storm In Motion

Poem 23


Not a force field

But more like

A flow field

As my poetry

Will reveal

Very much seen

And not concealed

For it consists of

And is made of

Yet exudes this

From all directions

From every angle

Ruling and running

Every section

And becoming even more

Yet something newfangled

Enhanced through much ferocity

As poetry has a stronghold on me

With much tenacity

Untapped synergy

And limitless energy

Bold and magnetic

When you least expect it

Never hectic

Immeasurable through metrics

Moving with purpose and power

And absorbing the kinetic

So electric

Or should I say floetric

So poetic

But also,floetic

Such unique poemology

With a constant flowology

For you from me

As time will continue

To reveal

Keeping it real

And seal

But also wrapping

Each poetic piece of mine

Within a flow field

Quiet Storm In Motion


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To Go With The Flow



Floalogy and I

Like to go

With the flow

As this is so

Day or night

Whether to type

Or write

The floetical lines

And feeling these

Cool floetic vibes

As we rise

To the poetic occassion

Right before the eyes

In this literary situation

In every single way

With much wordplay

That effortlessly

Takes form and shape

Through rhymes

And the residual

Through synergy

And the lyrical

Just rolling

And folding

One right after another

Just molding

And floating

Both individually

But simultaneously

All together

And speeding past

Level eight

Despite the weather

As me

And Floalogy

Have opened the flood gates

And make no mistake

For I

Always look forward to this

And can never truly wait

As I




And synthesize

Within this floetic lab

As I




And strategize

Yet feel so

Floetically energized

And took a stab

At my very own style

Of floetic invention

With every intention

Of basking in this forever

No matter the condition

With no detox

Or rehab

But regularly


And dash

My way 

Into a poetic legacy

And one that

The whole world

Will see

Many times over

And countless times in a row

As I

And Floalogy

Bend and flex

Posted up

And ready for whatever

Comes next

Cooled within a few degrees

And having the pressing need

To always know

As Floalogy

And I

Will stay and keep cool 

Yet continue

To go with the flow

















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Self Contained




Will remain

And with my

Floetic protocols


As I

Will always

Stay true to this

And for as long

As I 

So exist

For even after this


Will persist

And always be 

Apart of my

Poetic biology

And at the very top

Of my list

Even as I’m

Winding it down

But it and I

Will still be around

And never stunted in growth

As we both shall remain

Continuing to flow

Unchecked and unchanged

For those in the know

As we

Will always be

And never refrain

Solely and purely

Self contained






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Floalogy Essential

The SendOff Poem 1of 2



For I have
The poetic credentials
To come up with something
Vast and original

As my unique style
Is very crucial
To all poetry accomplished
And going beyond the usual

For I am
A poetic anomaly
And pour this naturally
Into all things Floalogy

And to what also came before
Hungry for more
With no debate
Bypassing level eight

Breaching through doors and walls
As this was no mistake
Wasn’t a piece of cake
But trying to stop this floetic process

Well you arrived too late
But just in time
To sip and partake of
This fine floetic wine

Pouring and ever-flowing
Into everything that I write and bring
And the poetic offspring
From legends prior

As I stepped into the shoes
And influenced by the blues
From the example and caliber of poet
Of the likes of Langston Hughes

So say what you’re going to say
But I will keep on flowing anyway
And not sway or stray
As you will witness me

Floetically get in top shape
And with a flow
That is relatively easy
To absorb and take

And as floetic as I can make
Express and say
As my style just flows
And overflows with much potential

Very creative and original
But can also be
Quite torrential
As there are many poetic

And artistic facets
That have become the building blocks
Of my unique and various abilities
Comprised and realized

Through the poetic significance
Of Floalogy Essential












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Radically Floetic Continued



Floalogy is 

Radically floetic

For I said it 

Again here in part two

And being continued

As I had more to bring

To all of you

Feeling the vibe

As I 

And Floalogy take a ride

Aiming high

With no question of why

And surpassing level eight

As I couldn’t wait

Any longer to shake-up

And wake up

Those that are new to this

As I persist


Never resist

And because of this

And to spit

In writing form

Rhymes and wordplay

All night and day

As a quiet storm

Moving along a vast array

And being smooth and cool

In the aftermath and wake

Of this poetic


Lyrically magnetic

Literary aesthetic

With much energy

And synergy

Sent in the form

Of a cool bolt of lightning

And won’t ever regret it

Will never forget it

And giving credit

Where it is due

As I come through

Once again

To bring on the noise


And hoist

Each word and line

From this floetic 

And poetic mind

Each and every time

As many will soon find

In control

But cross lines

With a flowing vibe

That will bypass

These troubled times

Headed towards and forwards

Along with flashbacks and rewinds


And sporadically


All at the same time

Silky smooth and fine

A feast for the eyes

Laid back as a glass of wine

And there I said it

Far away and within view

And always on the menu

As this right here is

Radically floetic continued
















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Radically Floetic




Is radically floetic



And written as a flow

Along with a watery aesthetic

As many have come to know

Mixed with unique rhymes

For the times


Right on time

Forward motion

And rewind

Stirring up a poetic commotion

With every notion

Yet moves and grooves

Like the waves of an ocean

Flowing and cool

And meant to soothe

With each one 

That I do

Tried and true

And there I said it

As this is part one

Of radically floetic





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Looking back from
When I first got started
Until the present time
And writing in my very own style

With many results
Stemming from my originality
And for quite a long time
But no matter what

I will always consider
My poetic pieces
As a fascinating work of art
Through much writing and typing

Feeling and thinking
Upon so many titles and things
And all that this
Has brought and continues to bring

For I will always be
Appreciative of what I created
And it’s always been just right
With timing and wordplay

Along with the underline meanings
I always wanted to convey and display
And have always operated
With fire and desire

That was totally unstoppable
And to leave behind a legacy and platform
That I will always feel and see
As remarkable






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The Outcome

Asking the most important question as a poet and artist….



This was never just
Simply for a hobby
Or just plain fun
As I spent the vast majority

Of my time
Establishing and building
Upon a specific motive
Along with a particular poetic outline

A tortured and starving artist
The entire time
With many works written
Along the way

Formed and took shape
As I look back
Upon each one
And would have shared

Many with the world
After all of this
Was said and done
For what actually took place

During this poetic journey
And what exactly will be
The final result
When poetry is done 

With me
For will I be the poet that won
And completely satisfied and content
With the final outcome












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Flow Reflection



As Floalogy flows
In all directions
It will continue to indicate
And always display

The flow reflection
Mimicking flow
Arriving with flow
Just being flow

As if one didn’t already know
Staring back through this reflection
With a ripple effect
That moves in all directions

And being very much a part
Of a vast collection
With an affinity and affection
Constant election

That has kept me grounded
As each word and line compounded
And being well-founded
Upon my very own

Floetic principles
From multiple angles
And thinking that is critical
As a poetic individual

As I bask in the floetical
While flowing in each section
And staring at the floetically incredible
With each flow reflection











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Flowing Surface



Some unique and original poetry
Called Floalogy
Just flowing
Above and right along

The surface
Always knowing and growing
And very much done on purpose
As the words just seem

To flow and flow
And deem this to be
Most of what
I have come to know

And always treated as urgent
Yet with an emergence
As time just continues to show
The floetic essence

With words and lines
Being shot from a bow
Along with becoming
Like ocean waves

Through a convergence
As Floalogy is always
No matter by night or day
Operating as a flowing surface