Nature Poetry

To Cage A Butterfly


Unique in its very appearance
Floating in flight
Amazed when you come near it
They are quite a delight
Stunning to the eyes
And come in many colors
Delicate yet so simple
Can’t help but smile
They move about so carefree
And running into one
Can be a rare treat indeed
Keeping one for yourself
Is an injustice for them
Though you may feel the sight
Of this amazing creature
As a living art piece
But to a butterfly
Their existence just ceased
Let them fly and roam
And glide through the air
A glass cage is not their home
You need to be aware
Others feel this same way
Each and everyday
Just because you can see
Outside of the glass cage
Doesn’t mean that you’re free
Certain things need to live and breathe
As nature intended it to be
Like a beautiful butterfly
Meant to fly and shine
But unable to just be
Who and what it truly is
Hoping it last long enough
While waiting forcibly it seems
Wandering the whole time
While trapped inside
If it will once again
Ever get to spread its wings



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Culture Health Poetry Reality

The Desert Hour

This poem relates to suicide and depression, issues that so many are dealing with. My heart goes out.



Don’t just lay down and die
It’s okay to ask why
But don’t lose hope
Or even worse
Commit suicide
You are important
It’s just your light has been
Dim for a while
And not given a chance to shine




Inside the mind
Roaming from time to time
Moving along at a pace
That seems out of place
Or outside the character
But captures
In that very moment
A snapshot of self
Being in a place
Not intended for anyone else
A desolate area when
Your mind stops your motion
Freezing any notion
Of conscious activity in that hour
Transferring yourself outwards
Into the inside
Yet at a divide
In a place that doesn’t thrive
On the positive
Like stuck in a desert
Has become obvious
Within the brain
Yet when you’re there
You cannot remain
Nor leave unchanged
Suffered a loss
With no regain
Just manifested more pain
Tripped and fell onto
An undiscovered terrain
A virtual barren land
You can’t explain
As you move about
Feeling stuck inside
Of a mental drought
With unaccepted reasons
Ending up wandering
Throughout this region
Hasn’t changed with the seasons
Must find the way out
Without any doubt
Don’t get lost there
Don’t lose your way
Things could turn around
Anytime or any day
Build up your tower
Rediscover your power
And not wind up fading away
In the desert hour

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Writings By MCM


Art Poetry

Your Own Mind




No one has to follow

In the footsteps of those

That came before them

No need to be hollow and shallow

Being hateful and cold

Following a previous shadow

Continuing a very mean trend

That you can oppose

Don’t just follow suit

Do what is best for you

You can make up

Your own mind

Get with the times

Learn to lead and not just follow

Cause their may not be a tomorrow

To make up for

You yourself can do more

Have the courage

To speak out loud

You don’t have to always

Follow the crowd

Despite past and family

You can be different

And the change you seek

In your heart you know is right

Walk into the dark

And shine some new light

Don’t go and repeat

The same mistakes or hate

Be what you want people to truly see

And not allow yourself to be

The many apples

That fell from the same tree



Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM



Nature Poetry

By the Sea


So peaceful
So carefree
The sun reflecting itself
Right before me
The ocean air
Feels good to breathe
Always a place to return
So let it be
One of the many wonders
Of nature itself
And always willing
To share itself
With those than can appreciate
Its unrivaled beauty
Well beyond the years
Always a place
I want to be near
Graceful in movement
Amazing sounds and color
It awaits my arrival
Hard to imagine this world
Without this natural wonder


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM



First Post

Post #1

Hello Everyone, my name is Maurice C Miller and welcome to Writings By MCM. This blog will reach out to people on a variety of topics especially pertaining to the beauty of nature. My blogs are meant to inform and entertain.

I’m a poet by trade so I like to also inspire and use words to evoke emotions and give something to think about.  Feel free to check out my new blog and don’t hesitate to reach out to me, much love and Peace!!!